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Amazing Cost effective cleaning chemical products

Stay safe this 2021

Making Hygiene Friendly & Affordable

Cleaning Chemicals are the easiest way you can start saving on your monthly bills. It all starts here at Monleo Chemicals. 

For example, a 750ml bottle of dishwashing liquid would typically cost you R28.99 at the shops. We sell our 1L matching product at R14.28. That’s a 49% saving every time you purchase 1 of our many cleaning products. 

Our Cleaning Chemical Range

Automotive • Kitchen • Flooring • Bathroom • Industrial • Hygiene

Hygiene Range

Sanitisers, Foggers, Disinfectants

Automotive Range

Car Shampoo, Polish, Wax, Tyres and more

Kitchen Range

Dishwashing Liquid, Surface Cleaners
Multipurpose Cleaners

Laundry Range

Washing Powders, Detergents, Fabric Softeners

Flooring Range

Floor Stripper, Wax, Polish, General Cleaners

Bathroom Range

Air Fresheners, Toilet, Shower & Cleaners

Industrial Range

Grease, Metal, Oil Cleaners

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